Titanium exhaust stud

Exhaust stud kits

Our set is the perfect solution to future proof your exhaust manifold to cylinder head. Our titanium alloy studs will not rust after repeated heat cycles, and will be easily removed when needed. Ti6Al4V alloy is as strong as steel but 45% lighter. We also offer Inconel 718 studs for extreme street and racing applications.

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Titanium wheel lug nuts

Our lug nuts are made from Ti-6AL-4V alloy for extreme strength, and excellent rust and corrosion resistance. Ti6Al4V has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios available, crucial for rotating parts. Our nuts are PVD coated for increased wear resistance and a terrific appearance. 

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Intake stud kits

Our titanium alloy studs and nuts are lighter than stock, have a fantastic appearance and, will never rust after repeated heat cycles. They will be easily removed when needed. Ti6Al4V alloy is as strong as steel but 45% lighter. Fasteners are PVD coated gold TiN to match the classic zinc plated appearance.

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Floorboards and pedals

Made in the USA from 5 series aluminum for low weight and high strength; dimpled by hand in our workshop in Los Angeles for additional weight reduction and increased stiffness, and further surface treated and anodized for increased wear and corrosion resistance, an exceptionally durable finish, and a killer look.

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Titanium wheel lug studs and bolts

Our lug studs and bolts are made from Ti-6AL-4V alloy for extreme strength, and excellent rust and corrosion resistance. Significantly lighter and stronger than steel, Ti6Al4V is ideal for rotating parts. The studs and bolts are also vacuum coated for increased hardness and wear resistance, and a sensational aspect.

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Engine fasteners

Titanium alloy engine case studs and nuts and through bolts - lighter than stock, and impervious to corrosion. As used in most Pedigree Porsche race cars, including the 904, 908, 935, 962, and the more modern LMP.

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Titanium exhaust tips and fasteners

Light weight and strong, our titanium GT3 style exhaust tips are perfect for your modern GT3/RS or custom air-cooled project. Those are 45% lighter than stainless steel, saving significant weight in the rear. Our tips can be further vacuum coated for a heat resistant, durable, and homogenous black finish.

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Custom CNC Billet keys

CNC machined key blanks for your air-cooled Porsche available in different materials, raw or PVD coated for protection and decorative purposes. We generally machine them from 303 stainless steel bars – the same material as in the factory keys – with some limited editions made from more exotic alloys. 

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Titanium brake pistons

Titanium pistons reduce heat transfer to the brake fluid by approximately 90%, as compared to stock aluminum. Their castellated contact edge promote airflow into the piston cavity and reduces the contact surface with the pad. Titanium alloy material that will not corrode.

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Machined shifter

The shifter is machined from 6061 aluminum billet, and available in black, dark gray or clear anodized finish. A a shifter kit for on your air- or water-cooled Porsche. The knob is solid aluminum to encourage fast and smooth thrusts into every gear. 

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Titanium license plate screws

Grade 5 Ti6Al4V Titanium alloy self-tapping screws for Porsche license plates. PVD coated in black for a better look and further corrosion and wear resistance. Titanium will never rust and will look great for years, leaving no rust stain on the plates. Torx 25 bit for added anti-theft security.

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Stock up on Silverlake Projects apparel including American cotton T-shirts and bandanas printed here in Los Angeles, European lambskin napa leather driving gloves and many other goodies soon to be released.

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Silicone Sleeves for GT3 Plenum

Our direct replacement precision-molded OEM+ silicone sleeves offer twice as much temperature resistance as their hard to find rubber counterparts, and an unmatched appearance. 

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CNC keys for Land Rover

CNC machined key blanks for your Range Rover Classic or Land Rover Defender in different materials - raw or PVD coated stainless stell or brass. Inspired by the legendary Rover three-spoke and steel wheels

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