Our nuts

Originally designed for the aerospace industry, k-nuts are the most applied locking nuts in high-end motorsports racing applications, due to their high strength, low weight and superiortemperature and vibration resistance.

The compact design and reduced hex of these European made lock nuts allow for a smaller 10 mm socket size - smaller than the 13 mm diameter head of a conventional M8 bolt - giving more clearance from primaries and allowing for easier fitment.

These all-metal nuts will lock once torqued up and will not shake loose under severe vibration or thermal stress; once tightened up, they will never unscrew unless desired.

They are cadmium plated for excellence corrosion/oxidation resistance. Cadmium is the preferred coating for the aerospace industry and other hostile environments such as salt-water. Cadmium plating finish luster does not tarnish or fade, and provides excellent natural lubricity, which results in prevention of galling and a low coefficient of friction.

They are further Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) coated. MoS2 is an inorganic material with a unique crystal structure which allows it to have one of the lowest coefficients of friction of any solid, and acts as an additional solid film lubricant. When used as a dry lubricant, MoS2 has a very low coefficient of friction even under the largest loads and a very high operating temperature.

Given the corrosion resistance and dry lubrication from the above-mentioned plating and coating, the nut will unscrew when needed and leave the titanium stud thread intact, even after years of operation in the harshest environments, and will allow repeat cycles of assembly/reassembly.