Silverlake Projects in the Dakar Rally 2022

Silverlake Projects is sponsoring and partnering with  NPA Wurth Modyf Racing team, winners of the Dakar Classic 2021, going back again in 2022 with a Safari 911.

Silverlake is providing titanium wheel lug nuts and studs for decreased unsprung and rotating weight and faster tire replacement, titanium exhaust studs, and interior solutions such as aluminum floorboards. 

The Pilot, Marc Douton, is an aircraft engineer and works for Dassault Aviation. He was born in Dakar and saw several arrivals of the rally when he was a kid! He has raced several years in the French motorcycle enduro championship, then did a few Bajas in the middle east and the Abu Dhabi desert challenge, and finally some raids and rally-raids with his off-road VW buggies. He is the winner of the 1st edition of Dakar Classic 2021.
The Co-pilot, Jérémy Athimon, is a very highly qualified mechanic, owner of Nantes Prestige Auto, a repair shop specialized in collection cars, and a Porsche 911 Addict. He was Marc’s assistance mechanic last year, and prepared the winner 1979 buggy Sunhil.

The car is a one-owner Porsche 911 G50, first registered in November 1986.  Jérémy and his crew at Nantes Prestige Auto completely stripped, reinforced the body with special attention to the suspension mounts, and installed a FIA-approved roll cage. Customized suspensions were developed in collaboration with P2S performance. Doors, front hatch, rear hood and front wings are composite windows are polycarbonate. The gearbox was rebuilt and reinforced, with a short ratio and a max speed of 160km/h. A Quaife limited slip differential was installed. he Engine is slightly prepared, with custom heads and camshafts, and injection and exhaust tuning for high torque and some increase in horsepower. Navigation includes Trippy, Iritrack, Rabbit Rally regularity system and a high precision compass. Marc and Jérémy will count on 100 liters of fuel, a tire pressure monitoring system, an on-board air compressor and 2 spare wheels.